MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

Pencil Skirt Testers – More Versions of The Lucinda Skirt! :D

My beloved Lucinda Pencil Skirt has been reviewed by a couple more testers, and here are the results. Once again – I’m so grateful to have so helpful people around me. :)

MammaNene (owner of sergerpepper.blogspot), whom I got to know via Google+ have made a pinstriped version of it. I like it a lot! She’s an Italian craftswoman, and makes her own tutorials as well! It is she, who made me make my own Tailor’s ham!

You should definitely go to her site, and check her stuff out. :) And go see her post about her new Lucinda Pencil Skirt, eh. :P


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

I’ve made a typo… oops – it’s fixed now, though. :)


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

Pretty in pinstripes. :)


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

And look at that background! Wow. :D


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

I think I can do a better job in describing how to do the slit – I suppose it’s for the more advanced sewist. :P


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

I think she’s done a wonderful job! :)


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

It looks very classy – I think the pencil skirt could be awesome in neon colored pinstripes. Black or grey with neon green or pink or orange stripes. I’ve got a thing for the psychobilly style at the moment. :P



MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

The pockets beautifully pleated. I really like these pockets myself. :) What do you think?


MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

Her slit on the inside. It’s too bad it makes a little fold at the top, which makes it pull a bit on the outside. Otherwise very well done! (Again, I should get better at explaining. :P)



MammaNene's Lucinda Pencil Skirt Review

Invisible zipper, well done! :D

I’ve noticed that the zipper and the slit are a bit on the intermediate to advanced level, so I think I’ll do some more thorough tutorials on those – because when you get the hang of it, it looks really really great! Yay – tutorial-material. Perhaps I should just do a proper sew along on the whole skirt. Anyone want to join? If there’s interest in it, I’ll do it proper. :D

My dear Robyn Thomas did her Lucinda Pencil Skirt and sent me pictures as well, so here are more pictures of the Pencil Skirt, made by her:

Lucinda Pencil Skirt by Robyn Thomas

I love the polka dot fabric – I’ve considered polka dots myself! :)


Lucinda Pencil Skirt by Robyn Thomas

She’s done a beautiful job, and the skirt is beautifully snug. :) Don’t you think it looks good?


Lucinda Pencil Skirt by Robyn Thomas

Practical pockets. :D


Lucinda Pencil Skirt by Robyn Thomas

It takes your woman (or man) to sew straight lines!


Lucinda Pencil Skirt by Robyn Thomas

An invisible zipper. I think it could look a bit cool with a visible metal zipper as well – perhaps in a contrasting color? Uuh – I’m getting ideas. :P

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much, Robyn and MammaNene for your support and time and words and help! All the good stuff! :D

I tried to participate in a Pencil Skirt Challenge, which was due the 1st of July, but I didn’t make it, due to real life – but I am still planning on doing another pencil skirt (love ‘em!), and post pictures. I am thinking something with application or painted stuff. :) I like skulls… or monsters… or lips, or bows… oh, so many ideas, and so little time.

Once again – life for me is all about working at the fabric store at the moment – until my departure for Greenland the 26th of July, where I will stay until the 9th of August. After that I’ll only have a couple of days a week at the fabric store, and I SHOULD be able to do some more creative work here. :P


I feel some rambling coming on, so I’ll end this picture post here. :P

I wish you a most wonderful weekend! <3

kisses – Parnuuna

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7 Responses to Pencil Skirt Testers – More Versions of The Lucinda Skirt! :D

  1. MammaNene 5. July 2013 at 20:00 #

    Thank you for your feature, Parnuuna! You’re always so sweet!
    I’ll be in the sew-along, obviously, if you do it… and I can use a tutorial on slit, for sure LOL

  2. Amy mayen 5. July 2013 at 20:13 #


  3. Robyn Thomas 5. July 2013 at 22:37 #

    Yippee!!! Thanks for posting my skirt! I’m still working on losing a bit of weight, but when I do I want to make a couple more! I really like this skirt :) Well, if I don’t speak with you beforehand (you will probably be very busy till then)- have a wonderful time in Greenland!!! I hope you are well. Take care, stay safe, have fun!!!
    Love Robyn x :) <3

  4. Jennifer 6. July 2013 at 00:40 #

    Great job! I didn’t catch that typo on the pattern. I guess that’s why it’s good to have few testers! Aye?

    Also, I thought the way you had the slit design was unique and fun, after I figured it out. Now I plan on using your technique on other lined skirts. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? However, with that being said I do have to say that there are some area, including the slit/lap slit/vent/kick pleats etc…, that would require advance sewing skills. Maybe another one of your fab videos would be in order.

    Keep up the awesome sewing!

  5. Hannah Smith 22. July 2013 at 08:06 #

    All of these skirts look brilliants. It certainly seems like your pattern is catching on :D I have now made two!!! I juts have yet to post about them. I was going to do a little review as well maybe! I will send you a like when it is done xxx

  6. Hannah Smith 13. August 2013 at 12:57 #

    hey hun, I have finally gotten around to posting about my version of your lucinda pattern, hope you like it. i have anotherone to post soon too


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