Trip to Aarhus June 2013

My trip to Aarhus

I went to Aarhus this weekend, to visit my sister. My mum was there too! :) She lives in Greenland, so it was one of those rare times that I see her. Lots of love!!! <3 <3 I miss her already!

Despite of a strained back, I had a wonderful time. My sister and I went out on the town Friday night, and had lots of fun! :D

Due to my strained back, I haven’t really been able to sit by the computer for very long. It’s been all walking or lying down. But now I’m feeling a lot better. 2 trips to the chiropractor, and everything seems better.

Anyway – I thought I’d share some pictures of my mum and my sister with you. :) Those lovely lovely people!

Trip to Aarhus June 2013

My mum in the kitchen. :) I loved getting her food again! Anyone know that feeling? :P


Trip to Aarhus June 2013

Oops – that’s me… I think we’re eating lunch or something.. I love the artwork that is behind me. She’s got 5 or 6 pieces, all with Greenlandic mythic creatures.


Trip to Aarhus June 2013

This is my sister – I wish I could visit her more often!

There’s a party going on here next Saturday, so I hope I can get her to come to Aalborg! Problem is, that she’s allergic to cats, and we have 2…


Trip to Aarhus June 2013

Mum! <3


Trip to Aarhus June 2013

All love (and silliness! :P)


Trip to Aarhus June 2013

And a random picture of Byld – I’ve seen a photo sort of like this, and I thought I’d try it out. It’s just not as great, cuz he quickly lost interest. :P

I guess I’m kind of in a summer-mood, and have a hard time getting things done at the moment – which is kind of not good – because I still have the goal of becoming independent after summer. I work a LOT at the fabric store too – 5 days a week, so I’m usually quite tired when I get home. And I’ll be working like this until I go to Greenland the 26th of July. Well – the summer lasts until the 1st of September, so I guess I have SOME time yet. :P

AND I just realized that I accepted the Pencil skirt challenge at Diane’s Vintage Zest, which is due the 1st of July – and I haven’t even designed it yet!!!! Yikes! I think after writing this particular post – I’ll draw something.

I also have another review of the Lucinda skirt to post (I mean – there’s much work to be done, when you’ve been away for a little while, eh?).

Anyway – 1st tiny step taken with this little rambling post. :) Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Aren’t my mum and sister real beauties? :P

I wish you the best of Thursdays!!!!! Lots of love and……

kisses – Parnuuna

ps. You should listen to some psychobilly – it’s lovely! <3

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6 Responses to My trip to Aarhus

  1. Amy mayen 27. June 2013 at 17:53 #

    Aww! So glad you got to see your mommy & sister!! Yay!

  2. Robyn Thomas 28. June 2013 at 01:27 #

    I’m so glad you had a good time away. It helps “recharge the batteries”! You are all lovely, your Mum, your sister and you!!! When you go to Greenland is that a holiday or will you be moving back there? Anywayz lovely to see this post and the pictures, take care of yourself. Love Robyn x

    • Parnuuna Thornwood 5. July 2013 at 17:46 #

      I’ll just be going to Greenland for 14 days. So I’ll go back to Denmark, and be able to work some more on my patterns, yay! :D Now it’s just work work work (in the fabric store), and tons of chores. :P

  3. Jennifer 4. July 2013 at 06:37 #

    Glad to hear about your lovely visit with your Mum and Sister! Nothing in the world can replace those family times together.

    So sorry about your back still giving you discomfort. I just got back from traveling as well and all of that sitting during travel can really take its toll on you. Then you hurt so much when you do lay down that you roll around like your on fire just trying to find comfort! I hope you are up and at em soon! However, I’ve learned that when life knocks you on your ass, that sometimes it’s best just to stay down till it gets bored with you and moves on.

    Here’s to feeling better!

    • Parnuuna Thornwood 5. July 2013 at 17:44 #

      Thanks, Jennifer
      I’m feeling a lot better now! :D I’m doing tons of yoga and walking a lot to keep the pain away, and it really helps! :)
      So I’m practically pain free now. yay!

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