Fabric Toilet Paper Holder Tutorial

I like to be tidy and organized, which (unfortunately) doesn’t show too much – but sometimes I do something to keep our things more tidy. Like this fabric toilet paper holder. Too long have we had toilet paper rolls lying wherever there was room. But no more! With a toilet paper holder that decorates, everything will be kept tidy (concerning TP that is). Hopefully I’ll get some other ideas as to how to organize and tidy up all my other stuff. Well – here’s a start. ;P

You’ll Need:

  • A sewing machine
  • An iron
  • Fabric of your choice: 2 pcs of 83,5 cm x 10 cm or 1 pc of 166 cm x 10 cm.
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Tailoring chalk
  • Bias tape: approximately 4 meters
  • Pretty ribbon (I’ve used velour ribbon with a width of 1 cm): 60 cm
  • Small bows made of thin sateen ribbon: 4 pcs.

fabric toilet paper holder finished

The finished holder. :)


What you'll need for your fabric toilet paper holder

Here’s a picture of what I used. I’ve used taffeta fabric for my toilet paper holder. It’s nice and shiny, and doesn’t catch too much dust. :)


sew and serge or zig-zag the seams of your fabric toilet paper holder

Now start by sewing the two pieces of fabric together by one of the short ends (if you’ve cut two), so you get one long one, measuring 166 cm x 10 cm. Seam allowance is 1 cm.

Cut the seam allowance to approximately 4-5 millimeters and zigzag the seam allowance.


iron the ribbon for your fabric toilet paper holder

Fold and iron your bias tape. This way it’ll be easier to sew on.


Sew on the ribbon on your fabric toilet paper holder

Sew the bias tape all around the fabric – don’t start at a corner, but somewhere on the long side.

The corners are the most tricky. When you come near a corner, set the needle down, and fold the corner and pin it. That way you can sew some nice corners.


Mark the sections for the toilet paper

Now fold your future toilet paper holder in half, like shown on the picture. Then make some marks, where the pockets should divide. Start measuringfrom the bottom (the folded end), and measure 19 cm up. mark and make a line. Go up 19 cm further, mark and make a line. You’ll have 4 pockets and 6,5 cm left at the top.


Sew the marking on your fabric toilet paper holder

Pin and sew where you’ve drawn the lines.


sew a piece of ribbon for the hanger

Make a strap with your bias tape folded and sewn. 12 cm should do it.


Sew the hanger onto your fabric toilet paper holder

Pin your strap between the fabric pieces at the top of you toilet paper holder, and sew. Just sew the entire length of the top, so the fabric pieces are sewn together as well.


Add ribbon to your fabric toilet paper holder

Cut you pretty ribbon into 15 cm bits. The width of the tp holder plus some more, so you can fold the ends back.


Add ribbon to your fabric toilet paper holder

Pin the ribbon on, where you’ve already sewn and make sure the ends fold neatly behind the toilet paper holder, so that when you’re sewing the fron, the ends will be sewn too.


Sew on the ribbon on your fabric toilet paper holder

Sew on each side of the ribbon (or in the middle of it, depending on the ribbon).


Add small bows to your fabric toilet paper holder

All you need to do now is to decorate it. I’m sewing on little bows made of thin sateen ribbon. It’s not much, but I think it’s cute.


fabric toilet paper holder finished

And you’re DONE! :)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to leave feedback, if you have any. ;P


kisses – Parnuuna

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  1. Parnuuna 16. June 2012 at 20:55 #

    Maria – Rating 5

    Sun 6:27 18/December-11

    “Thank you! I was looking for this home project for myself while on holiday and came across your tutorial which is perfect.

    parnuuna – Rating 5

    Fri 15:17 11/November-11

    “Thank you, Shirley :)”

    Shirley Phillips – Rating 5

    Thu 23:15 10/November-11


    – Rating 5

    Sun 16:18 25/September-11

    “Yay – I’m glad you can use it. ”

    Suzanne – Rating 4

    Sat 12:55 24/September-11

    “have been looking for exactly this pattern to make a toilet roll holder. Very happy I stumbled across this page.”

    • Thiru Peter 22. May 2014 at 12:12 #

      Hi there
      Was just browsing and came across this simple pattern which I am going to use on my radio program to help someone become creative.

  2. Anita 31. December 2013 at 07:33 #

    My sister in law has a toilet paper holder and I have wanted one ever since I saw it. When looking online your one caught my eye and I love the easy instructions. Will be making mine soon, so thank you for posting. This will be a great idea for inexpensive gifts too.

    • Parnuuna Thornwood 31. December 2013 at 15:43 #

      Thanks Anita. I am really glad you like it. :) I still have mine hanging. ;)

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