As everyone has to say once in a while..

…it’s been a while.

First of all – How are you? :)

I’ve been up to a lot, non-bemygoth-related. Which sort of makes me feel bad, because I miss it. But there is only 24 hours a day, and I am not proper in all of them. :P

To tell you a little about what I have been up to..

I went to Greenland the 36th of July, for my sisters wedding. It was beautiful! I went to a town called Ilulissat, which means something like “with Icebergs”, and one really does see why!

Ilulissat Summer 2013

The place was really magnificent. I was lucky to be with my sister and her (then-to-be) husband, because they had a boat, and we went sailing. It was such an amazing experience! I’m not really one for smacking mosquitoes or flies, so it was rather intimidating to catch fish and take their lives… But it was well worth it, because we had truly fresh fish for dinner that day! :D

Me, catching fish in Ilulissat, summer 2013

It was pretty darn cold too – when we went sailing. So I had to borrow some clothes of my sister. :) Luckily we’re not to far apart, size-wise. :P And the picture above is me… catching fish. Weee!

The fish we didn’t eat were cut up to be made into “dried fish”. They’ll be freeze dried when the winter comes, and hopefully they’ll send me some. :P I got some dried fish and whale to bring home, so I’m really enjoying that. :)

That, plus some other traditional Greenlandic foods, I really miss. And the scenery – oh the scenery!

Denmark is really really flat, so it was nice to be surrounded by mountains and the sea again!

Ilulissat summer 2013 sunset

Even though they had midnight sun, where I stayed, the sun hid behind some mountain for a couple of hours at night. And the sunsets were really really breathtaking! The picture above shows the view from my sister’s and her husband’s house! If I had that view, I’d stare out for hours on end every day! It would probably be pretty healthy too, considering our fast paced lives, we live nowadays. :P

Which leads me to my next “excuse” for not hanging out here at, and Google+ and Facebook and everywhere else. Before I went to Greenland I was working sort of full time in the fabric shop, where I now work more part-time-ish. So there went 2 months where I couldn’t really manage to be here..

ooooooh… excuses, excuses. I shall rid myself of them. It actually feels nice blurting this out – I might just get myself motivated to write again – AND I still have tons of tutorial ideas, so don’t fret – they will come! But I have promised myself not to stress…. ever again *cough*! Here’s for dreaming of the perfect life with everything in balance! :P

Actually I am going to sew quite a lot more for her the coming weeks, I suppose – but I’ll see if I can get some things done around here, to get the creative juices flowing again! :D


Here’s a picture of my sister and her husband from their wedding day:

My sister and her husband, Ilulissat 2013

They’re both wearing traditional Greenlandic clothing. :) I’d love to make a woman’s suit one day. But it should take a couple of years to produce, so I think it will be when I’m more zen-like…. :P

Well – Hurrah, for writing a blog post!

Hope it’ll be soon until next time. And I wish you the best of weeks!

kisses – Parnuuna

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6 Responses to As everyone has to say once in a while..

  1. Robyn Thomas 4. September 2013 at 01:26 #

    Hey!!! Lovely to see a post from you! It sounds like you had a great time in Greenland – the photos are lovely! Yes try not to stress too much about anything – I have been doing that a lot lately and just going round and round in circles, making little bits of progress here and there but all higgledy-piggledy. What I’ve done is separate things into different days for different things. There’s some things I have to do everyday, like vocal practice, and I have to keep up with the make up manufacture, but I have a specific focus for each day, like: Monday – makeup stuff, Wednesday – music stuff, Friday – sewing for stage and practicing dance steps. And everything else can kind of get slotted around it. It’s working good so far, I just have to keep reminding myself to stay focused and not go off on any tangents :/ Well, enough blabbing from me. Once again, nice to hear from you and looking forward to more tutorials and posts. Love Robyn x :)

    • Parnuuna Thornwood 4. September 2013 at 17:57 #

      Yay, thanks!
      I had a schedule sort of thing before, and I probably should start that up again. It is just that I work pretty randomly at the fabric store. But I’ll figure it out. :)
      It does sound like a good idea to have different days for different jobs. I’ll keep that in mind. :)

  2. Amy mayen 4. September 2013 at 05:35 #

    Yay! I’m so glad to hear from you and see photos! Your photos are lovely by the way! So glad you got to soak in the scenery and relax a bit- and that scarf is gorgeous! It almost has an aviator feel. Love!

    • Parnuuna Thornwood 4. September 2013 at 17:55 #

      Hi Amy!! I’m so glad to hear from you. And it seems that you have been busy. :) Yesterday I went through about 800 emails (very quickly), because I hadn’t checked my inbox for a while. And you’re keeping a steady stream. :) I hope to be able to be more consistent in the future. Just need to sort out a lot of stuff. :p

  3. MammaNene 4. September 2013 at 11:40 #

    Hey lovey! Happy to hear of you!
    I think if I could stay in Groenland and see those dawns… I could never think about sewing and writing posts (or maybe not, but they’re heartbreaking for sure!!!)
    And ….aw!!! what a sweet pic to close your post!
    No excuses! We’re happy to hear of you having fun and sewing scarfs! Life comes firs, always! And now… go to work ;)
    Hugs <3
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

    • Parnuuna Thornwood 4. September 2013 at 17:53 #

      I shall do my utmost best to be happy and have fun, which I believe that life is all about. :)
      But I do need to get a lot done.
      And it’s SERIOUSLY wonderful to hear from you guys again! It’s like getting a little message from long lost friends. ;)

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