Hello world!

Somehow after all of the trials and errors of trying to get the website relaunched, “Hello World!” seems appropriate.  It is the auto title for the webhost.  Now let’s move on!

My name is Sew4my3 and Jenn.  I have been lucky enough to be a friend of Parnuuna Kristiane Nonsense Thornwood and have been one of her sewing pattern testers for her wonderful Goth couture.  As many of you know Parnuuna has had some issues that require her to move on to what life has to offer and in doing so, she needed to give up “Be My Goth”. I couldn’t stand the thought of her designs going to the world wide web ‘dungeon of the lost’ and with her blessings have transferred the entire business to my self.  What a honor!!!  I will be able to sell her patterns and keep them in the world of the living!

Just so you know in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not extremely knowledgeable about computers, so please be patient as I have friends that are using their time to help me gain that insight.

Future events to come!!!!

Gothic Sewing Patterns